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The survival of cancer patients diagnosed 1964-2003 in the Nordic countries

Five-year relative survival and excess mortality for shorter interval after diagnosis are calculated for 39 cancer sites and two summary groups in eight 5-year calendar periods 1964-2003 with follow-up through 2006.

The project is published in Acta Oncologica 2010 issue 5 in 13 papers. Papers can freely be downloaded and a list of the papers and links can be found here.

The publication is a joint effort authored and co authored by researchers from each Nordic country and presents highly comparable data in 13 individual peer reviewed papers, by organ groups and sites and for all sites combined including the importance of case-mix adjustment. Excess mortality is also studied in shorter time periods after diagnosis, and it is of note that most of the differences in survival and levels of the 5-year relative survival can be predicted from the excess mortality during the first 3 month after the cancer is diagnosed. With the exception of prostate and breast cancer, we find almost parallel trends in survival during the period of observation, and thus hypothesize that much of the differences seen in survival is related to life style factors, late presentation, and lack of screening, in particular for the Danish population.
Full text "Prediction of Cancer Incidence in the Nordic Countries up to the Year 2020" from European Journal of Cancer Prevention Volume 11 Supplement 1, June 2002

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