ANCR symposium 26-28 August 2019

Sweden will be the host of this year's ANCR symposium. The conference venue is Hotel Hasselbacken on Djurgården in Stockholm.

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Important deadlines:
Abstract submission deadline: 28 April 2019
Registration deadline: 31 May 2019

ANCR symposium 12-14 June 2018

Iceland was the host of the ANCR symposium. The venue was Stracta Hotel in Hella.

Please see programme, abstracts and participant list for more information.

ANCR & NCU symposium 29-31 August 2017

Norway was the host of the ANCR/NCU symposium. The venue was Sola Strand Hotel in Stavanger.

Link to program and abstracts. Please note that registration deadline is 25 June 2017

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ANCR & NCU Symposium 2016

Finland was the host of the Annual Symposium which took place 30 Aug - 1 Sep 2016

Please see Programme, abstracts and participant list for more information

Photos from the symposium can be found here

ANCR Symposium 2015

The Danish Cancer Society and The National Institute for Health Data and Disease Control were happy to host the ANCR Annual Meeting in Elsinore at Hotel Marienlyst.

Please see Final programme for more information.

NCU and ANCR Board meetings were also held at Hotel Marienlyst prior to the symposium. 

ANCR Symposium 2014

The Swedish Cancer Registry was happy to host the ANCR Annual Meeting 2014 in Malmö. The full program can be viewed here

ANCR Symposium 2013

Wiew the symposium website here ANCR symposium 2013

ANCR Annual Meeting 2012

The Cancer Registry of Norway had great pleasure in inviting to the ANCR Annual Meeting, 29.-30. August 2012 in Soria Moria Conference Centre, Oslo.

ANCR Annual Meeting 2011

The Finnish Cancer Registry had the honour to organise the 2011 ANCR Annual Meeting in Åland, Wednesday 31 Aug. - Friday 2 Sept. 2011.

ANCR conference 2010

We were delighted to welcome you to the ANCR conference held 9th June to 11th June 2010 in the Faroe Islands, the most appealing destination of 111 islands communities, according to National Geographic (2007).

Prevent workshop 2008

23-24 October 2008 a Prevent workshop took place in Copenhagen at the Danish Cancer Society.

The prevent software can be used to model future cancer incidence as a result of changes in risk factor exposures. The workshop aim was
• To make participants familiar with the Eurocadet project
• To make participants familiar with the concepts, possibilities and limitations of the Prevent-model
• To provide opportunities for computer-based practical analysis of cancer data with PREVENT so they could make
  their own scenario’s and predictions 

A maximum of 20 participants from The Nordic and Baltic countries could take part in the workshop. Participants was selected with a view to possible use and dissemination of the software in each of the Nordic and Baltic countries, and the successful candidates were notified shortly after the deadline for application.

Invitation letter with application form and the programme can be seen here (pdf)

ANCR Symposium 31 August 2005

The main themes for the symposium was "The digital cancer registry - electronic reporting and automated coding of the incoming data" and "the use of cancer data in the Nordic Countries for evaluation purposes and for strategic planning". Of particular interest was the use of survival statistics in this matter.

The conference site was Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten, Denmark.

The full programme of the meeting can be seen here. (pdf)

Board meeting: 29 August 2005 12:00 - 16:00

Copenhagen, Denmark. Host: National Board of Health, Islands Brygge 67, 2300 Copenhagen S