Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries

  1. The Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries is the coorperative organ for the national registries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

    The object of the Association shall be to provide a continuing, organized framework for the activities of the Nordic cancer registries to facilitate exchange of both scientific and technical information, to contribute to the uniformity of definitions used by the registries, and to facilitate the organization of inter-Nordic studies and studies proposed by international organizations and various groups of individuals.
  2. The work of the Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries shall be led by the Board of Directors of the Association,which shall comprise five directors and five deputy directors as ordinary members; i.e. two people from each country, preferably representing medical, epidemiological and statistical fields.

    The Board of Directors shall meet anually, in each of the five Nordic countries in turn.

    Each year the Chairman and the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and concurrently of the Association, shall be the two members from the country in which the meeting of the Board of Directors is schedueled to be held that year. The change of Chairman and Secretary shall always take place at the Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors.

    The Board of Directors can appoint ad hoc committees.

    The minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be confirmed by both the outgoing and the incoming chairmen.
  3. The Chairman and Secretary jointly, or two other members of the Board of Directors duly authorised by the Board of Directors, shall sign for the Association.
  4. The executive of the Association in the country in which the annual meeting is scheduled to take place can, should it find it desirable, organize a symposium on the epidemiology of cancer and/or problems in registration for purposes of activating cancer epidemiology in the Nordic countries.
  5. The costs of the Secretariat and the Ordinary Meetings of the Association shall be born in full by the cancer registry of the host country. Travel and accomodation costs of the participants in the meeting shall not, however, be included in these costs.

Approved September 12, 1984